Fresh organic and conventional avocados are always in season at Henry.  As a year-round distributor, Henry grows and packs avocados from its groves in California and imports from growers in Mexico, Peru and Chile that meet the company’s strict quality and freshness standards. While most of Henry’s marketing is focused on custom-ripening, those customers who choose to receive un-ripened avocados, enjoy the same freshness and service standards.

Fresh avocados are marketed and distributed through Henry’s Sales Offices & Regional Ripening Centers and through CustomRipe Avocado Company regional ripening centers.  Henry believes the quality of ripened avocados is directly related to their freshness and has therefore assembled the most experienced and well-trained team of ripening personnel in the industry. All 100 forced-air ripening rooms are specially designed for avocado ripening and all personnel responsible for monitoring inventory freshness, adhere to the company’s strict storage and shipping standards.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.23.21 PMAVAILABILITY: Fresh Hass avocados are available throughout the year.

COLOR: Unripened fruit is usually green, while ripe fruit can range from dark green to black. Color, however, should not be the sole indicator of avocado ripeness as early season fruit can also be green when ripe and late season fruit can be dark green to black and still be hard. Uniform softness is the best and most consistent indicator of ripeness stage.

STORAGE: Stage 2, 3 and 4 avocados will continue to ripen when stored at room temperature in an area with good air circulation. Lower storage temperatures will slow the ripening process.

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40, 48, 50 ……plu #4225
60, 70, 84 …….plu #4046

STAGE 1: Unripened avocados with stems that won’t pop out. Usually green in color, but some fruit may be a darker shade.

STAGE 2: CustomRipe avocados that are still hard but the stems can easily pop out. Ready to eat in approximately 3 days when stored at room temperature.

STAGE 3: CustomRipe avocados with a slight yield to gentle pressure. Ready to eat in approximately 2 days when stored at room temperature.

STAGE 4: CustomRipe avocados that yield to gentle pressure. Good for slicing and will be fully ripe the next day when stored at room temperature.

STAGE 5: CustomRipe avocados that easily yield to gentle pressure. Good for all uses. Will remain in this condition for 2 days when stored at room temperature.

Fresh organic avocados have been available year-round since 2010. They can be ordered hard or custom-ripened and will be packed and shipped under Henry’s premium “Bravocado” brand.

Western Sales & Marketing
Henry Avocado Corporation
2208 Harmony Grove Road
Escondido, CA 92029

Phone: (760) 745-6632

National Sales & Marketing – San Antonio
San Antonio Ripening & Distribution Center
Henry Avocado Corporation
1500 S. Zarzamora St. #505
San Antonio, TX 78207
Phone: (830) 379-0288

National Sales & Marketing – Houston
Houston Ripening & Distribution Center
Henry Avocado Corporation
4300 Windfern Rd. Suite 300,
Houston, TX 77041
Phone: (713) 996-7492

 Charlotte Ripening & Distribution Center
4045 Perimeter West Drive – Unit 800
Charlotte, NC 28214
Phone: (704) 625-2841

Fresh Organic Avocados
For organic sales, contact Ozzie Figueroa at the Western sales office or any representative at Henry’s sales & distribution centers.

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