Food Safety is a priority at Henry.  Henry personnel take food safety very seriously, and accordingly Henry has invested the time and resources to make it a reality.  Henry has a full Quality Assurance and Food Safety team that continually monitors every phase of its operations. The written food safety plan lays out the strategy, procedures and the people responsible for implementation. Most importantly, eyes are watching at all times – spotting potential problems before they happen.

Henry uses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – guidelines put forth by the federal government on employee hygiene, facility sanitation and the prevention of contamination – every day. And it is not just the QA team that participates. Every Henry employee receives training in food safety and adds their own eyes to Henry’s vigilance.

Every Henry facility undergoes rigorous microbiological testing at least monthly resulting in over 1500 swab tests each year company-wide. All facilities undergo annual GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) audits by Primus Labs to ensure there is a private, third-party confirmation of Henry’s effectiveness in food safety.

Luke Varvel, Food Safety